Our Favorite Products For Any Natural Makeup Routine

Posted on September 16 2015

Women everywhere rejoice, long gone are the days of the smoky eyes with bold lips, nowadays it is all about the natural look. If we have learned anything from the beauty industry it’s that less is more and make up is no exception. With our makeup routine cut in half what do we have to look forward to now? Researching the best products for our go-to natural everyday wear. Here you will find some of our favorite products so you can recreate that everyday natural look.

bareMinerals Prime Time 


Price: $24

Get it here 

I recently started using primer and I am still using the sample of Prime Time that came in my BareMinerals foundation kit. However, I know a good makeup product when I see one and even someone as inexperienced as myself can tell that Prime Time is the best primer there is out on the market. With just a little dollop of this magical primer your makeup will stay on the entire day. Giving the skin a silky smooth finish, without weighing your face down, you can’t go wrong with this one.

e.l.f Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 

Price: $3 (!!!)

Get it here

 First things first, Elf is one of the best brands I have found when it comes to make up. Not only are the products inexpensive but they are also quality products. When it comes to moisturizers this one definitely takes the cake. This product is lightweight and has a lot of coverage. This product also doubles up as a foundation on days that you might be feeling a little lazy, which is the best. And don't worry if you forgot to put sunscreen on your face because the experts at e.l.f made it their mission to put SPF in this already perfect moisturizer and they have succeeded! 

bareMinerals bareSkin with SPF 20 

Price: $29

Get it here

Out of all the foundations I have tried, and trust me there were a lot, this one is by far the best I’ve found. bareSkin is liquidity perfection, once it’s on you will feel like nothing is there. This product has the best coverage I’ve been able to find and leaves your face with a natural finish. Nothing on the market compares, not even bareMinerals powdered foundation, which used to be my favorite.

MAC Mineralize Blush 

Price: $27

Get it here 

As a former MAC girl I can say that the only MAC product that I am still religiously using is their mineralize blush. Warm Soul is an amazing color; it is has a touch of sun-kiss brown with pink and gold undertones, which I love. This blush will leave your skin with that summer glow all year round.

NYC Liquid Eyeliner 

Price: $2.99 (!!!)

Get it here 

As an eyeliner connoisseur, I have realized that it doesn’t necessarily matter how fancy an eyeliner is. I have tried every brand from MAC to Estee Lauder and none of those have caught my eye. On a shopping trip to Target I decided to check out the makeup section, in hopes of a new eyeliner, and I was pleasantly surprised. Finding a new eyeliner is stressful but thankfully this NYC liquid eyeliner saved my life. This eyeliner stays on all day, which is something that the other brands were lacking, and it was surprisingly easy to use. Now, the winged eyeliner look is easier than ever.

Dior Blackout Mascara 

Price: $27.50

Get it here

With a hefty price comes a high reward with this Dior Blackout Mascara. This is one product that I HAVE to use daily so finding the perfect mascara was a journey. This mascara is so lightweight and doesn’t clump which is music to every women’s ears. What could make this product even better you ask? Length, that’s right this mascara also lengthens your lashes like no other. Be a knock out with Diors Blackout Mascara.

Revlon Brow Fantasy 

Price: $7-$9 (Depending on where you buy it)

Get it here

Ladies, brows are so in right now it is only fitting that we all keep them looking their best. The natural look requires you to have big and full eyebrows and what better way to get those than with Revlons Brow Fantasy pencil and gel. Don’t be fooled this product is so easy to use you’ll think you’re doing it wrong. The pencil is sturdy and creates a fuller brow while the gel fills in any parts that the pencil might have left unmarked and together they create fabulous eyebrows that can go from day to night in an instant.


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